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Support Arrangements for All Pupils


Providing personal support for learners 3-18 is the responsibility of all staff.  In the pre-school and primary setting the Early Years Practitioner or Class teacher is the key adult who knows every child or young person in their care well, taking an avid interest in their welfare and progress.


In the secondary setting it is Guidance staff who play an active role in promoting learners’ personal, social and academic welfare; this is supported by Pupil Care and Support staff who offer help, support and advice as required, safeguarding the health and wellbeing of learners.

Useful Links


The Additional support for learning page provides links to relevant legislation and guidance, including the arrangements that should be in place to support pupils with additional support needs.


Information about the universal entitlement to support that underpins Curriculum for Excellence.


Supporting Children's Learning Code of Practice (Revised edition) - provides Statutory guidance relating to the Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004 as amended.


Getting It Right For Every Child and Young Person, is essential reading for anyone involved or working with children and young people, including practitioners working in adult services with parents and carers.

Identifying and Addressing Additional Support Needs


The Argyll & Bute Staged Intervention Framework is used to identify and meet pupils' needs and to manage and review provision.  This follows the Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC) practice model.  GIRFEC is a national framework to help all children and young people grow, develop and reach their full potential.  Its focus is to improve outcomes for children and their families based on a shared understanding of their wellbeing.


Every child in school will have a Named Person.  In primary school this will usually be the head teacher and usually a principal teacher of pupil support or depute head teacher in a secondary school.  The Named Person will usually be the first point of contact for parents if they have any concerns about their child at school.  The Named Person will work with parents to provide support to meet a child’s needs or resolve concerns.  If there is a need to involve more than one agency to work together to provide support then a Lead Professional will be appointed to coordinate that support.


Where support is being provided by a single agency then a Planning meeting may be held and a Universal Child’s Plan opened.  Where two or more agencies are involved in supporting a child’s needs, then a Universal Child’s Plan will definitely be opened.  The Plan will include an assessment of the child’s needs using the My World Triangle assessment tool and a note of the agreed outcomes based on that assessment.  Parents are an integral part of this meeting and the Plan includes an opportunity to have their views recorded within it.  Plans will be reviewed at appropriate intervals, again with parents as full partners in these meetings.  


More information on GIRFEC in Argyll and Bute can be found at here

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