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Clear skills progression pathways have been identified in Literacy and Mathematics for use in teachers’ planning and in personal learning planning. Thinking skills reference pages in personal learning plans and displays in classrooms are used to help children think about the skills they are learning and using. A Basic Skills pathway is being developed to support the learning of children at the early stages of learning.



More children can talk about the skills they are learning and using. More children can refer to higher order thinking skills and respond to challenging questions about what type of skill they are using.


Outdoor Learning


All classes have used the local area for class learning activities more during this year, e.g. for nature walks, learning about buildings and monuments in the area, using local parks and sports facilities. All classes have enjoyed an educational day trip beyond the town. A support for learning group has experienced regular outdoor learning activities in the local area. The school playgrounds have been used frequently for language and maths activities as well as physical education lessons. All classes have taken part in a Daily Mile activity.


The school has successfully applied for an Active Playgrounds grant of £800 for playground resources and for a Tesco Bags of Help grant of £12,000 for our Playground d Project. The Tesco funding will be in place from July 2016 to March 2017 and will be used to provide a much greater range of outdoor learning and play opportunities for children.



Children have had increased opportunities to take part in outdoor learning activities and, thereby, use a broader range of skills in different environments and across a range of subjects. Children have had more opportunities to engage in activities that benefit their physical health.


Transition from Campbeltown Nursery


A new transition calendar was established providing a more extensive and broader range of joint activities for children in Campbeltown Nursery and our P1 and P1/2 classes, including a Happy Healthy Me Morning, Golf in the Garden and Football in the Field activities, a Gruffalo Party and a Mini-MOK run. Nursery children were also invited to the see our P1 and P2 Nativity Performance and Spring Concert and to take part in a flat race at our Sports Day. Teaching staff made regular visits to the Nursery from the Autumn Term to work with children in their pre-school year. The children then visited the school in the Summer Term to join with the current P1 class for play, nursery rhymes, songs, stories, topic work etc.



Children transferring to P1 in August 2016 had more opportunities to find out about the school and get to know the school staff and environment. Children in P1 and P1/2 experienced a broad range of shared activities, enriching their school experience and encouraging them to be responsible in working with children younger than them. Teachers’ knowledge of children’s learning strengths and needs was increased through the refreshed and extended programme.



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