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Improving Standards


Our Standards and Quality Report for 2015/16 also provides information on our progress against specific school improvement targets for 2015/16 in the following areas.  The work undertaken on these targets related to all curriculum subjects and areas with a particular focus on Literancy, Numeracy and Health and Well-being.




Sharing Practice



A model of Sharing Practice was established whereby teachers worked with colleagues in small teams to share their teaching practice and to review their approach to forward planning. The teams selected areas of teaching and learning to focus on:  the teaching of phonics; the teaching of reading; the model of reciprocal reading as a method of teaching reading; and the use of the Girfec Shanarri My World wheel as a tool for teaching in Health and Wellbeing lessons.



Teachers were able to share effective teaching strategies. There were increased opportunities for professional dialogue and for the identification of the learning strengths and needs within classes, groups and individuals.


Learning to Learn and Personal Learning Planning



A continuous cycle of reviewing personal learning planning has been established. Personal learning plans a provide an effective means of helping children engage in thinking about their learning, achievements and the next steps in their learning. Different formats for the plans are in place in different stages in the school enabling children to learn personal learning skills progressively and ensuring there is freshness in the programme for children at all stages. There is progression in children’s involvement in selecting materials and in their ownership of their learning. The school provided full information to parents on the programme and its links to reporting. Thinking skills reference pages have been used effectively to encourage children to think about the skills they are using in their learning.



Children have regular opportunities at all stages to reflect on their learning, celebrate their own achievements and have some role in planning some next steps in their learning. Children are more aware of and able to link the thinking skills they are using in learning activities across different subjects.


Reporting to Parents



A new system of termly reporting was established. Teachers provided three termly reports to parents, reporting on attitudes to learning, progress and next steps and focusing on Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing. Each report enabled parents and children to provide a response about what children felt they had learned and what they wanted to improve on.



The reports provided more regular and timely feedback for parents on their child’s learning. Providing ‘next steps’ each term meant parents could support their child with more up-to-date information. Children were given more opportunity to think about their strengths and areas to improve, and therefore were more able to help themselves make progress in their learning.


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