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Celebrating Achievement


Children work hardest when they know their work will be appreciated and praised. The school has a major part to play in recognising young people’s achievements in and out of school and the benefit it can have to their confidence and wider aspirations.  


Staff use circle time and a range of other personal and social development material to promote positive behaviour within their classes.


All staff encourage pupils at all times and in all activities to give their best. Achievement is celebrated through praise and through reward systems e.g. Pupil of the Month certificates, Class and Individual Points Charts, Smiley faces or stickers.


Assemblies are used to recognise and promote achievement by pupils within school and the wider community.


In addition pupils are encouraged to report on activities and successes outwith school.  These can also be discussed and recorded as part of the personal learning planning process.                                      

Wider-Curricular Activities


Over the course of the session a variety of extra-curricular-school clubs are held at the school.   In recent years clubs organised by teachers have included choir, arts and crafts, tag rugby, badminton, hockey and netball. Activities provided by Active Schools have included dance, golf and multi-sports. Football training for older pupils takes place weekly throughout the year. Coaching is provided by a small team of former and current parents. We are able to access Campbeltown’s All Weather Pitch.

Pupil Council


The Pupil Council meets with a teacher, Principal Teacher or Head Teacher once a month.  Each class from P3 upwards has two representatives in the Pupil Council.  The council discusses matters relating to school life raised by pupils themselves or by members of staff.  Members are also asked to give views on issues raised within the education authority or nationally.  They also have the role of gathering views from pupils within their class and reporting back both to their classes and in assemblies to the whole school.


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