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We are implementing a new approach to reporting on children’s progress during this school session 2015/16. The main reason for adopting this new approach is to make our reporting more timely and useful to you throughout the school year. We will be able to:


  • let you know more quickly and clearly how your child is doing in their new class

  • provide you with more regular updates about your child’s learning and progress

  • let you know at different times during the year about subjects and skills in which your child may need more help from you and those in which they have made good progress or overcome difficulties

  • help you to be and to feel more closely involved in your child’s learning, particularly in knowing what the next steps in their learning are.


Our reports this year will therefore be in the form of Termly Pupil Progress Reports rather than an End of Year Summary Report.  The reports will provide an update on your child’s Progress and their planned Next Steps with the main focus being on Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing.  We will also report to you on your child’s Attitudes to Learning in relation to their Effort, Behaviour and Homework.  In the June Report we will, in addition, inform you which Curriculum level your child has achieved in Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing and also what their Attendance rate has been for the year.


A key element of our new approach is the positive discussion that happens between teacher, child and parent/carer about the child’s learning. Discussion between teacher and child takes place on an on-going basis throughout the year.  Discussion between teacher and parent/carer will be able to take place at teacher/parent meetings during the year.  We would like to promote strongly the use of the second page of the Termly Report for you to discuss with your child their learning, what they have achieved and what they think their realistic targets could be.  Your child’s teacher will then be able to follow up on this process in planning next steps in learning with and for your child.


The Termly Reports will be sent to you in November, February and June. Each Termly Report will be sent out shortly before events in school at which you can meet your child’s class teacher: Parent/Carer Open Hours in November, Parent/Carer Appointments in February and end of year Parent/Carer Appointments in June.  We strongly recommend that you attend the events in November and February.  At the Open Hours you will be able to visit your child’s classroom, look at their work and meet their class teacher.  The appointments in June are available if you require further information at the end of the year.


We understand that End of Year Summary Reports have in the past provided detailed information but we believe that our new approach will provide information that will be more useful to you at the time it is given. We will review the success of the new approach at the end of the year and will consult with you to obtain your views on this Termly Report approach and how you feel it compares to the End of Year Summary Report approach, with a view to using the most effective approach in the future.


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