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Acceptable Use of Personal Internet Enabled Devices


Our expectations for the acceptable use of devices are consistent with our behaviour policy. Responsible use and personal safety are of paramount importance. The school is developing its policy in line with the Guidance on Developing Policies to Promote the Safe and Responsible use of Mobile Technology in School, issued by the Scottish Government.

Transferring Education Data about Pupils


When a pupil moves to another school within Argyll and Bute, or to another Local Authority which uses the SEEMiS Management Information System, their record will be transferred electronically via SEEMiS.  Not all data will be transferred electronically and as such the Pupil Profile Record should be forwarded to the new school for their information.  Further details on the data transferred can be obtained from Argyll House.  Pupils can be marked as leavers in advance of their leaving date to enable the transfer school to provisionally enrol and plan for these pupils.  All pupil transfers are monitored and tracked by Scottish Government School to School department to ensure pupils are not missing in education.  It is crucial that the correct leaving details are entered for pupils, i.e. date, reason for leaving and destination.  The SEEMiS system allows for the enrolment of pupils transferring from non-SEEMiS schools.

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Emergency Closures


In the event of the school having to close due to an emergency, e.g. adverse weather conditions putting pupils at risk, heating failure, etc., the procedure is as follows: -


In the event of an emergency closure outwith school hours updated postings will be made on  You can also keep up to date with the latest information by calling 01546 604060.


In case of an emergency, if effective arrangements are to be made, it is essential that the school has up-to-date information from parents/carers regarding such things as changes in employer, telephone number, new emergency contact, etc.  Where possible a text messaging system alerting parents/carers to arrangements will be used if mobile phone numbers have been submitted.


In whole school emergency situations, updated information will be posted on our own school website and/or Argyll and Bute Council website or the use of text messaging may be utilised.


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