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April 2018

Spring Concert


I hope you enjoyed our Spring Concert, “A Wee Taste O’ Scotland” in the last week of term. It was great to see all of the children taking part and producing such talented and enthusiastic performances. The evenings are also valuable fundraising evenings for School Funds.



Active Schools Virtual Games


During this session teams of pupils in South Kintyre schools’ in different age ranges have been taking part in Active Schools Virtual Games Sports Skills competitions. The teams have three practice sessions before the final competition sessions. The sessions take place in each school and the results are then compared. Last term our P4 and 5 Teams were very successful coming out first and second in their competition.



Kintyre Music Festival


The Kintyre Music Festival will be taking place in the week beginning 4th June. Children who have expressed an interest in taking part in this year's Music Festival can return their completed entry forms with correct fee to Mrs Hill by Friday 27th April.  Please note that competition times for the classes will be issued sometime in May.  It is the parents/guardians’ responsibility to take their child to each of the competitions entered with the exception on Choir and Action Songs.




A Calendar of Events for this term can be viewed here. If significant changes have to be made to dates or times, we will inform you or the children in advance.


Kind Regards,

Richard Long, Head Teacher




Science Week


British Science Week took place in March this year and Miss Semple has been leading developments in Science in the school.




Primary 4/5 planned, organised and participated in a number of different, fun science experiments to enhance their existing knowledge and understanding of this area of the curriculum and to celebrate British Science Week 2018. During this week, they invited the four infant classes, along with their teachers, to explore a variety of exciting science experiments. They were given half an hour time slots and worked closely with the P4/5 pupils to complete a given challenge. Feedback was very positive and both pupils and staff expressed enjoyment throughout. In addition to this, the senior classes completed a variety of science tasks also but within their own classroom setting.


In addition to this, Parents and Guardians, were invited to the P4/5 classroom to participate in the children’s 7 favourite science experiments explored to date. This was a great opportunity to develop existing positive relationships, to allow parents/guardians to discover the science curriculum in more depth and of course to have fun with their child. All pupils worked particularly hard, enjoyed these sessions and feedback was again very positive. A science wall has been created in the corridor to showcase the activities covered, hard work and dedication of all and positive feedback given.


We hope to run similar events next term to further extend knowledge, understanding and skills within this innovative area within the Curriculum, Science and Technology!