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Spring 2017

Playground Surface and Football Goal and Basketball Hoop


AJC Civils have installed a permanent football goal and basketball hoop for use in the back playground. This equipment was provided by Kilkenzie and Tangy Community Association and we are very grateful to the association for donating the equipment which had previously been used in the Kilkenzie Play Park.


Areas of both front and back playgrounds have been much improved by the re-surfacing also provided by AJC Civils. The re-surfacing has made a significant difference in enlarging the useable area of the playgrounds.



Garden, Pond, Planters and Seating


Wee Toon Environmental Solutions have installed a number of items. There are now two picnic benches in each area of the playground (P1 to 3; P4 and P5; P6 and P7) for children to use to rest and talk during playtimes, as an alternative to physical activity. There is also a group / class seating area in the back playground which will be a station for outdoor learning and for seating at playtimes. A number of large planters have been installed so that each class can have a base for growing and looking after plants. We also now have a fenced pond area in the garden which will be used for studying wildlife.


We recently held two garden hours to tidy and refresh our garden. Thanks to the work of staff and volunteer parents, family members and pupils, we have tidied and re-established a variety of small planting and wildlife areas for classes to use in the future.



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Playground Project – Tesco Bags of Help Scheme


At the end of the 2015/16 school session we successfully applied for a grant from the Tesco Bags of Help Scheme to improve the play and outdoor learning opportunities for all of the pupils in the school. Following the in-store voting process for grants given locally at that time, we were fortunate to receive the amount of £12,000.


We have now completed our project and used the funding in full to add new elements to the playground and garden. The children have already started to use and enjoy many of these elements. Some features will add new learning opportunities in the future. The project has also been a starting point for generating ideas about how to make further improvements to the outdoor site. We will look to put those ideas into practice in the future.


We would like to express a huge thank you to all of the people who have contributed to the process. Local contractors have been involved and they have all responded very generously with their time and materials in completing works. Staff, members of the Parent Council, parents, family members, volunteers from the community and pupils have contributed at different stages to planning and to working on aspects of the project.