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September 2017

Pupil Council

Congratulations to the 12 pupils from P3 to P7, who have been chosen to represent their class in this year's Pupil Council.



Sponsored Pound

You will have received a sponsor form last week for the PTA Sponsored Pound, taking place on Thursday 5th October.  A big thank you to Fiona Irwin from Wee Toon Warriors who will be leading the event.  We are very grateful for any funds raised, which will be used for resources and activities for the pupils.  We are currently purchasing playground equipment for all the school playgrounds, indoor playtime resources for all classes and individual whiteboards, pens and erasers for use in the infant class lessons, with funds donated to the school by the PTA.



Cauliflower Cards

You will also soon be receiving an envelope with your child's Christmas Card design for this year's Cauliflower Cards Fundraising project.



Parent Helper Scheme

A letter regarding our Parent Helper Scheme was attached with the Newsletter.  We are grateful for the support of parents and grandparents in helping us to provide pupil events and activities.  If you would like to volunteer, please complete and return the form to the school.




A calendar of events for this school session was also attached to the Newsletter.  The dates for some events later in the year are provisional.  Where significant changes for times and date are made, we will contact you in advance.


Kind regards,


Richard Long

Head Teacher