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October 2017


We have been advised by Scottish Gas Networks that there will be essential roadworks in the Stewart Road / Stewart Green area from 9th October to reinforce a gas main. The work on Stewart Road has been planned to fit in as much as possible with the school holidays and is scheduled to start on 9th October with the possibility of it being completed by the end of the October holiday. Work in the area from Stewart Green to Argyll Street is then anticipated to take a further six weeks. There will be traffic lights and single lane use of the roads where work is being done and there will consequently be some disruption to the traffic flow.



Sponsored Pound

A reminder that all classes will be taking part in the Sponsored Pound this Thursday, 5th October, led by Fiona Irwin from Wee Toon Warriors. Please return Sponsor forms and money on the day.



Cauliflower Cards

Thank you for returning your Cauliflower Cards orders and to members of the PTA who have organised and collated the orders. We anticipate that we will raise the very valuable amount of approximately £350 for PTA funds.


Sending Information to You

We are beginning to send letters and other information by email or by App, in line with all other Argyll and Bute schools.


For you to receive information electronically we need to hold your current email address and mobile phone number details


To receive communications by App, you will need to download the Groupcall Xpressions App. Please follow the instructions here.


If we do not hold your current email address or mobile phone number and you have not downloaded the App, we will continue to send you letters.


Text messages may also be sent in a limited range of circumstances, e.g. regarding school closure or pupil absence.



Kind regards,


Richard Long

Head Teacher