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June 2017

Blazers – Grammar School

The suppliers of the new Grammar School blazers, Schoolwear Made Easy, recently visited the school. For any parents of P7 pupils, who require further information about the blazers which should be ordered before the end of July for wearing at the start of next term, the company website is and their contact phone number is 0141 8897206.



Following on from our Playground Project and as part of their community partnership work, Morrison Construction, the main contractors for the building of the new Grammar School, have kindly donated their time and materials to the building of a sandpit in our school garden for use by our pupils, particularly our P1 class.  



Argyll and Bute Education Team

The Education Team have requested that the Education Newsletter for May be issued to all parents. The Education Team’s Strategy, ‘Our Children, Their Future’ can be accessed here. 


The Argyll and Bute literacy website has a section for parents and how they can support their children.  




Reports for this term together with information about classes for next school session will be issued this week.



Calendar / End of Term Arrangements

A calendar of the last three busy weeks in school can be viewed here.  When we do reach the end of term, I hope that you and the children enjoy the Summer Holiday.  In the meantime, if you require any information from school or have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kind Regards,


Richard Long

Head Teacher




PTA Coffee Afternoon

A fantastic total of £966 was raised at the Coffee Afternoon at the Victoria Hall on Saturday 22nd April. Thank you to the PTA for organising the event and for the work of parents and teachers on the afternoon, and to the School Choir for their performance.



Baldy Cup

Two teams from Castlehill’s football club took part in the Baldy Cup at the All Weather Pitch on Tuesday 16th May. After a very exciting final match, Castlehill A Team came out winners. Well done to all the pupils that took part.




P7 have had a busy term of events so far as they prepare for their transition to the Grammar School. They have enjoyed a full transition week at the Grammar School and had the opportunity to attend two residential trips to Ardentinny and Edinburgh. Well done to the two teams of four pupils who represented the school and competed well in the Rotary Club’s annual General Knowledge Quiz.



Active Schools

Pupils from P4 and P5 have taken part in a Rugby Festival for South Kintyre schools. P5 and P6 have also competed in a Tennis Festival.



Music Festival

Castlehill was well represented last week at the Music Festival by all of our P1 to P3 classes performing their Action Songs, our School Choir and a number of solo and group performers. Well done to all those who took part and to those who performed at the Cup Winners’ Concert on Saturday.



Polo Shirts – Castlehill

Wee Toon Sports are currently stocking a small supply of white polo shirts with a blue embroidered Castlehill logo, in two sizes priced at £9 and £11.