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June 2015

Wednesday 24th June 2015

  • Prize Giving and Concert, 1pm.

Friday 26th June 2015

11.00 Church Service.

  • This will be a joint Church Service with Dalintober at Lorne and Lowland Church. Parents, carers and friends are invited to attend.


12.00 School Closes

  • After the service, pupils will return to school and will be dismissed into the playground at 12 noon.


School Lunches

  • School lunches will be available but children wishing to have school lunch on the last day should inform their teacher by Monday 22nd June.



  • Parents of pupils who normally travel from school on school transport are asked to make alternative arrangements on the last day. Anyone having difficulty with this should contact the school in the first instance. Transport will however be provided to Stewarton, Pennygowan and Southend, leaving the school at 12.04 pm.

For class activities, information has been or will be sent out separately. P2 and P3 are also planning a trip to the harbour area, with the date to be confirmed.


School will be open again for pupils on Wednesday 19th August.  On behalf of all the staff I wish you a very enjoyable summer holiday.


Kind Regards

Richard Long, Head Teacher

Tuesday 16th June 2015

  • P6 trip to Skipness Castle

  • 7.00pm Teacher / parent, carer appointments, if required following reports.

Wednesday 17th June 2015

  • P4 visit to Campbeltown Tennis Courts

Thursday 18th June 2015

  • Go Green Day organised by P6

  • P1 and P1/2 trip to Gigha

  • P7 visiting CGS Sports Day

  • 6.30pm Football, Millenium Cup, All Weather Pitch