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January 2016

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A very big thank you to everyone who has contributed to fundraising this year.  So far, through different events and either for school funds, PTA funds or charities, the school has raised £4365.  In the period leading up to Christmas the following amounts were raised:

  • £337 for PTA funds through the Cauliflower Cards scheme

  • £90 by P4 for school funds through the Rag Bag Collection

  • £1300 through the Craft Fayre and Concert. The money raised is split equally between school funds and the World Vision charity, a long-standing enterprise arrangement the school has been involved in.

  • £170 through the silver collection at the P1 and P2 Nativity Performance.

We hope you have enjoyed a happy Christmas and good start to the New Year.

Christmas Activities


The pupils performed very successfully at the various activities that took place in school in the very busy period leading up to Christmas, including at the Christmas Concert and in the Nativity Performance.  I hope that those of you who were able to come to the events enjoyed them as much as the children did.  In addition, P6 and P7 performed some songs at the Kintyre Nursing Home.  The older members of the choir also performed at Auchinlee, as well as at the Music Club’s Christmas Evening and at the Town Carol Service.  Thanks to all of the teachers and staff for making these events possible.

Road Safety Calendar Competition


Congratulations to the large number of children who were Highly Commended or placed in the first four of their group in the Argyll and Bute Road Safety Calendar Competition.

Healthy Snack Days


As part of our whole school approach to Health and Wellbeing, we would like to promote and highlight the benefit of Healthy Eating to all of our pupils.  With this in mind, we are planning to hold some Healthy Snack Only Days. The first one will be this Friday, 22nd January. We would like all children to bring in healthy snacks only on Friday. This will mean that we are discouraging the eating of crisps, chocolates, sweets, biscuits and cakes as snacks at morning and afternoon breaks.  Fruit and vegetables (such as carrot sticks) are the recommended snacks for the day (as they are for every day).  Fruit-based snacks may also be brought in.  The Pupil Council will sensitively be collecting information about the types of snacks eaten and children’s views on eating healthy snacks only in school.  We will also, shortly, consult you further to gather your views on extending the idea of a Healthy Snacks Only approach.  If you have any questions before Friday, please do not hesitate to contact me.