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February 2014

PTA Bingo Evening

Thank you to everyone who came to the PTA Bingo Evening at the Argyll Bowling Club on 23rd January.  It was a very enjoyable evening that successfully raised £577.

School Uniform

The sale of school uniforms will be transferring to Wee Toon Sports for the next school session, 2014/15.  The sweatshirts will be available prior to the start of the session.  The new sweatshirts will have an embroidered logo and will therefore be slightly more expensive that the sweatshirts currently on sale from school.


In the meantime we have a stock of sweatshirts, with the printed logo, available for sale from school.  They will now be sold at a reduced rate at £2 off their normal sale price.  Children will continue to be allowed to wear the printed logo sweatshirts during the 2014/15 session.

Mid Term Holiday

The school will close for the mid-term holiday at 3.15pm on Thursday 13th February and will re-open on Monday 24th February.  (Thursday 20th and Friday 21st are staff in-service days.)

Castlehill Concert

The provisional dates for our Castlehill School Concert are the evenings of Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd April.