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August 2017


It is very important that we reduce the risks to children’s safety in the area around the school at the start and end of the school day when there can be a high volume of traffic.  We liaise with the police to ensure the issue of safety is regularly reviewed. To keep the area safe for children, please do not park in these places:

  • in the bus bay

  • in the Campbeltown Nursery Car Park

  • in the Community Education Centre car park

  • in or near the yellow box on Stewart Road

  • by the dropped kerb on the corner of Smith Drive.


In addition:

  • Parking or stopping on Smith Drive should only be on one side of the road so that emergency vehicles can pass.

  • The recommended dropping off point for our school is on Stewart Green.



Disability Parking Space

There is a Disability Parking Space in the Nursery Car Park which is for the use of parents, carers and other visitors to the school.  If you use the space, you can enter the school grounds by the gate next to the parking space. You will still need to enter the school via the Main Entrance. There is a bench to rest on part way along the path at the Ralston Road side of the school building.  Please note that it is important that sufficient space is allowed in front of the Disability Parking Space to enable cars to turn into and park in the space.



School Meals

The price of a school meal remains at £2.00 for pupils in P4 to P7.  The menu is currently the Spring/Summer Menu 2017 which was issued last term.  This menu commenced it’s rota on week 4 on Wednesday 16th August.  There is also a charge of 10p for milk.  Free school meals are available to all pupils in P1 to P3.



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I hope you have had an enjoyable summer. The following is an updated summary of important school information.



Pupil Absence

In the case of an unplanned absence e.g. illness, it is essential that you contact the school to let us know that your child will not be in school and the reason for his/her absence. Please telephone the school between 8.45 and 9.30 am on the morning of the first day of the pupil’s absence and subsequent mornings until your child returns to school.  Where the absence is planned, e.g. for a hospital appointment, you should contact the school in advance either by telephone or in writing giving details of the planned absence. When a child returns to school you are not required to send a note explaining his/her absence.


In the interests of your child’s safety; if your child is absent and we have not received notification of their absence from you, it is our policy to contact you by telephone.


School telephone number 01586 553446

School mobile number 07867753293



Arrival at School

To ensure that children are arriving safely in school, I would be very grateful if children could arrive on the school site after 8.45 am, unless they travel by a bus that arrives before that time. The janitor is at the school gates from 8.35 each morning, supervising the arrival of children by bus.


All children should enter the school grounds by the gates into the front playground. They should not use the gate from the Nursery site into our back playground.  From 8.45 P4 to 7 pupils are asked to walk from the front playground to the back playground where a member of the support staff supervises.  P1 to 3 children remain in the front playground where another member of the support staff supervises.