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August 2014


We welcome Miss Semple and Mrs McGilvary to the teaching staff.  Miss Semple will be teaching P5 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday afternoons and Fridays.  

P5 will be taught by Mrs McCormick on Wednesdays and Thursday mornings.  Mrs McGilvary will be working as a Pupil Support Teacher.

Additional In-service Day

There will be an additional in-service day for all primary school teachers in Argyll and Bute on 26th September this term.  This additional day has been aligned with the additional day already in place for secondary schools.  Please make arrangements for your children on that day.


Nut Allergy – We have a pupil in Castlehill who has a nut and sesame seed allergy.  For the health and safety of this pupil, please ensure that pupils do not bring any snacks, packed lunches etc. containing sesame seeds or nuts of any kind in to school.


Egg Allergy - We also have a pupil in Castlehill who has an egg allergy.  For the health and safety of this pupil, please ensure all snacks, packed lunches etc. containing whole eggs, mayonnaise, meringue are not brought in to school.  Cakes may be brought in.

Pupils’ Absence

Please note our procedure with regard to pupils’ absence.  In the case of an unplanned absence e.g. illness, parents are asked to telephone the school between 8.45 and 9.30 am on the morning of each day of the pupil’s absence.

Where the absence is planned e.g. hospital appointment, parents should contact the school in advance either by telephone or in writing giving details of the planned absence.


In the interest of pupils’ safety, parents will be contacted by the school by telephone if a child is absent and no notification has been given.


When a child returns to school parents are no longer required to send a note explaining  his/her absence.


School telephone number 01586 553446

School mobile number 07867753293

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Arrival at School

To ensure that children are arriving safely in school, I would be very grateful if children could arrive on the school site after 8.45, unless they travel by a bus that arrives before that time.  The janitor is at the school gates from 8.35 each morning, supervising the arrival of children by bus.


All children should enter the school grounds by the gates into the front playground.  They should not use the gate from the Nursery site into our back playground.  From 8.45 P4 to 7 pupils should walk from the front playground to the back playground where there will be a member of the support staff supervising.  P1 to 3 children will remain in the front playground where another member of the support staff is supervising.


Home Lunches

Children who have lunch at home are asked to report to the office at 12.00.  Staff in the office will sign out your child, when you arrive to collect your child.  Please let the school know if your child is walking home independently or if there are other arrangements for them at lunchtime.  Children should report to the office when they arrive back on site so that we are always aware of the numbers of children on site for fire safety purposes.

Leaving school at the end of the day

All children should leave the school through the front playground.  For P1 and 2 children, it would be very helpful if you could indicate to the members of staff at the pupil entrance door when you see your child at the door so that we can ensure they are safely handed over to you.  If there are changes to normal collection or bus arrangements for your child, please let us know.