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Primary 6 & 7

In P6 and P7, homework will be given out on a Monday and should be returned to your child’s class teacher by the Friday of that week.


Most of the homework will be recorded in your child’s homework jotter, but at other times it will take the form of worksheets and/or research work.


The homework will normally be a follow-on from work which we are doing in the classroom, but if your child finds any of the work too challenging, he/she should let their class teacher know, before Friday, and she will help them with it.


Class teachers appreciate that many of the children are very busy after school and in the evening, so the children are encouraged to try to work on their homework on their free evenings.


Children should always let their class teacher know, on Friday, if they haven’t managed to hand their homework in on time. Sometimes things crop up and it is difficult to get it in on time.




Primary 5

Here is an outline of some weekly activities which P5 pupils will be taking part in this session.  




On a Monday there will be tasks set which each pupil will be asked to complete at home and bring back to school on Thursday.

Tasks will include activities based on Maths and Numeracy, Language and Literacy, General Knowledge, Topic work, Research and Thinking Skills.


Some tasks will be revision or an extension of work covered in school. Other tasks may be more research based, individualised, investigative or creative.



Tuesday and Thursday – gym shoes or trainers and shorts required.


Daily Mile Challenge

It is important that pupils bring gym shoes or trainers to school every day to take part in this activity.



Friday - Pupils will be asked to contribute to a special news sharing session which could be made up of personal, national or world news items.