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Primary 2

In order to encourage your child to enjoy reading they will choose a book from the school library each Thursday. As part of their weekly homework it would be fantastic if you could spend a little time with them reading and talking about the book together. I would appreciate it if the book could be returned to school by Wednesday of the following week.







Primary 1

Your child is starting to bring home a reading book and word tub, and will no doubt be very excited!


Please help your child to match the character names in his/her tub to those on the pages of the book. Don’t worry if your child can’t read all the words yet. You can help by reading to your child and encouraging him/her to point under each word as you read.


We will be doing reading with your child in school too, so please send the book, reading record and word tub to school every day.




Primary 2/3



P.E. for primary 2/3 will be on Tuesday and Wednesday of each week – please bring gym shoes/trainers and shorts on these days.  We will also be taking part in a daily mile challenge and it is important that your child brings gym shoes or trainers each day for this activity. If possible they could keep a pair of trainers in their tray in school.





All children will have reading homework from Monday – Thursday each week and may occasionally have work relevant to our current topic to complete.  Primary 3 children in the class will also sometimes have Language, Maths or research activities to complete and these tasks should be handed in by the Friday of the same week.  These activities will help to reinforce work covered in school and it would be appreciated if you could sign the completed work.


If you have any queries regarding any of the above, please do not hesitate to get in touch.




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